Digital 101 – Digital Technologies


The best understanding of digital transformation is adopting business processes and practices to help the organization compete effectively in an increasingly digital world.

This definition of digital transformation has two important implications for managers: First, it means that digital transformation is fundamentally about how your business responds to digital trends that are occurring whether or not you initiated them, like them, or want them.

Second, it means that how an organization implements technology is only a small part of digital transformation. In cases where digital transformation does involve implementing new technologies, the technology is only part of the story.

The digital transformation requires that institutions and all its workflows and org charts be transformed in order to build and sustain digital services. Thus, there is a clear need to provide capacity building to all stakeholders in various areas associated to the digital transformation. The understanding of the existing and upcoming digital technologies, their potential, benefits, threats and pitfalls is essential to become an integral part of this transformation that is taking hold in the region.

Throughout the course, students will be able to:

  • Explain the meaning of the fourth revolution.
  • Understand the challenges of digital transformation for governments.
  • Understand why the digital transformation is important in the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC).
  • This course offers five digital badges associated to five learning paths: Fundamentals, Analytics, Mimicking the Brain, In the cloud and Immersive user experience.

There is also one extra digital badge when you complete all the learning paths available in the course.


This course is available to resident of LAC IDB member countries and members of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). This course was designed for representatives, directors and staff involved in the organizational management. It will, however, be useful to anyone interested in knowing more about new the Digital Tecnologies. IDB staff could find this course and sign up on Mylearning portal to register their training hours. This course is only for the external participant to the organization.