Boosting Digital Transformation in Africa – Data as a Development Enabler

5:00 pm
 – 6:30 pm


The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the global economy, bringing to the fore both the critical role data play in creating growth opportunities and solving development challenges, as well as the existing global data inequalities. How do we tap the full value of data, ensuring equitable access for all, including less-advantaged people? What reforms are needed in data governance to protect individuals, businesses, and societies from risks or harm? Data’s transformative role in the digital transformation is being debated globally.
Japan aims for a human-centered society called Society 5.0, in which physical and cyberspace are closely integrated. Similarly, the World Development Report 2021: Data for Better Lives explores the tremendous potential of the changing data landscape to improve the lives of less-advantaged people. Additionally, the African continent is already making important strides in digital transformation, including through the African Union’s (AU) 2030 Digital Transformation Strategy for Africa.
This session will discuss how to unlock digital and data dividends for development outcomes, through a safe and human-centric approach.

Key Questions

  • How do we foster partnerships with the private sector (including entrepreneurs) to enable value creation from data, while preventing misuse, especially in low- and middle-income countries? What kinds of incentives/regulations are needed?
  • What are some of the data governance challenges, especially when it comes to meeting the needs of low-income countries?
  • An important aspect of a well-functioning data system is to create a culture of using data to improve programs, policies, and ultimately, people’s lives. What is the role of the public sector here? What are the lessons to be learned about expanding data literacy across all levels of society?


This session will bring together a variety of stakeholders to discuss the role of data in stimulating innovative growth and the importance of building integrated national data systems to support development goals.
To encourage more partners to participate, we will deep dive into strategies to promote safe and inclusive data-driven development in Africa.


Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan

Hon. Ms. Paula Ingabire
Minister of ICT and Innovation of Rwanda

Hon. Prof. Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami
Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Nigeria

Mr. ONOE Seizo
Executive Vice President and Chief Standardization Strategy Officer, NTT CORP.

Dr. TOGAMI Takashi
e-kakashi Business Director, SofBank Corp.

Ms. Confidence Staveley
Founder, CyberSafe Foundation

Ms. Tami Dokken
Chief Data Privacy Officer, World Bank

Senior Advisor (Digital for Development), JICA