About eTrade for Women

Our objective is to help women digital entrepreneurs in developing and transition economies thrive as leaders of the digital transformation and contribute to sustainable development.

eTrade for Women is premised on the need to harness the transformative power of women entrepreneurship to accelerate inclusive growth and poverty reduction and help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.
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When women are empowered, the whole world is transformed

43% of women

are still not using the internet.

Source: The International Telecommunication Union (2021)

“The COVID-19 crisis has made the digitalization of the economy more decisive, but unfortunately, it has also widened the gaps. If we continue with the same business-as-usual mentality as before, digitalization will not reduce gender gaps, it will increase them.”

eTrade for Women strives to empower women entrepreneurs in the digital world through four main action-lines
  • Inspire

    We leverage the work and visibility of the eTrade for Women Advocates, outstanding digital entrepreneurs, to inspire the next generation of successful entrepreneurs and bring women’s voices to the front.

  • Empower

    We help women digital entrepreneurs grow in the digital world by providing access to knowledge and support to develop their businesses and go beyond their bottom line.

  • Connect

    We strive to create and nurture communities of women digital entrepreneurs all around the world who can expand their network, share their experiences, develop their skills and discover new business opportunities at a national and regional level.

  • Give a Voice

    We seek to reduce gender inequality by bringing women digital entrepreneurs to the policy table. We want to leverage their presence in decision-making processes to shape a more sustainable and inclusive digital economy.

How to get involved

If you are a partner, organization or government, you can support our masterclasses and communities in any of the objectives above. Help us reduce gender inequality and make the digital world a better place, for all. Let us know how you can collaborate.

eTrade for Women is an initiative led by UNCTAD, in collaboration with eTrade for all partners, and supported by the governments of Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland.