UNCTAD eWeek 2023 - Shaping the future of the digital economy

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UNCTAD eWeek 2023, organized in collaboration with eTrade for all partners, was held in Geneva, at the CICG (International Conference Center of Geneva) and online on our dedicated virtual conference center from 4 to 8 December 2023.

Held under the theme "Shaping the future of the digital economy", it mobilized global support for a more inclusive and sustainable digital economy, aligning with global initiatives like the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the UN Global Digital Compact and the UN Secretary-General's “Our Common Agenda”.

28 eTrade for all partners played an active role during the event and were instrumental in reinforcing its unique nature as a collaborative platform among all stakeholders.

Outcome Document

The Geneva Vision on the Future of the Digital Economy

UNCTAD Et4a eWeek Report 2023 - The Geneva Vision on the Future of the Digital Economy

This ‘Geneva Vision on the Future of the Digital Economy’ is the official Outcome Document of the UNCTAD eWeek 2023. It provides context for the organization of the event, presents an overview of the High-level sessions that took place during the week, and offers a snapshot of the eWeek’s key facts and numbers.

The Geneva Vision is a rallying call to turn digital opportunities into shared development gains, based on the discussions which took place during the week. UNCTAD sees a need for urgent action in scaling up global efforts to bridge digital divides and establishing effective global governance for data, AI, and other key aspects of the digital economy.

Highlights of the Week

Over 150 sessions were organized by these eTrade for all partners as well as by member states, UN, international and intergovernmental organizations, as well as private sector and civil society entities. UNCTAD eWeek brought together more than 3,500 participants from 159 nations, including 40 least developed countries (LDCs), to discuss how to turn digital opportunities into shared and sustainable progress.

Key features

High-level discussions

High-level discussions that addressed critical issues needing urgent attention, such as governing digital platforms and artificial intelligence (AI), greening the digital economy, boosting women’s digital entrepreneurship and fast-tracking the digital readiness of developing countries.

Check list

reports and publications launch

The launch of over 10 reports and publications, including eTrade Readiness Assessments, inter-agency studies like The Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Report and the Digital Trade and Development Report.

In Conversation With

A series of in-depth discussions with three inspiring women: Mitchell Baker, CEO of Mozilla Corporation; Birame Sock, Founder of Kwely; and Michele Jawando, Senior Vice President of Omidyar Network.

eTrade for all High-level Sessions

With 80% out of the 35 eTrade for all members actively contributing to the UNCTAD eWeek 2023 at all levels, the partners helped ensure an impact-oriented conference with a cutting-edge dimension.

The commitment of the partners, including at the highest level, culminated in the organization of 2 High-level Sessions: the eTrade for all leadership roundtables with 15 heads or deputy heads of agencies sharing their vision for the future of digital trade and enhancing cooperation opportunities.


eWeek in Numbers