Stakeholders Engagement Event on Digital Skills and Literacy for the Future of Work in Ethiopia

9:00 am
Addis Ababa

he United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) and the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MInT) are holding a stakeholder’s event on digital literacy and skills for the future of financial services and work in Ethiopia.

As part of the UNCDF’s DFS4Resilience project, developing digital skills is a priority area under the distribution objective. Building digital skills is expected to improve the delivery, expansion, and adoption of financial services across the country.

The Ministry of Innovation and Technology, within its mandate to build citizens’ capacity, is also working on delivering quality and standardized digital skill and literacy training content for citizens under its Digital Strategy (Digital Ethiopia 2025).

Therefore, MInT and UNCDF are collaborating to provide digital skills training through different channels in the country primarily focusing on youth, women, and smallholder farmers. The first of its kind has been rolled out in partnership with IBM using the Digital Nation Africa (IBM-DNA) learning platform. The program had its launch in February 2022, and since then, more than 1700 people have been enrolled and are learning on the platform