Year In Review 2019-2020




A word from the eTrade for all team

Welcome to the third edition of our Year in Review. During these last few years we have been very active in building synergies to better harness the complexities of the digital transformation for inclusive development.

The year 2019-2020 saw a consolidation of major efforts. Our partnership has also grown and deepened.  A significant milestone was reached, with two external evaluations held over the last few months, acknowledging the good work done and the major steps achieved by leveraging the expertise and resources of all partners working together.

These evaluations have also highlighted the complexity of the task, the fragility of the environment in which we operate, and the huge needs and expectations which lie ahead. It is our intention to explore ways to implement relevant recommendations stemming from these evaluations with the support of our partners and the development community, to make eTrade for all even more relevant to those that we serve.

Early 2020, we were also confronted with a major crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic. While the economic fallout is hard to assess, the crisis has shown the importance and value of digital technologies for fostering a more inclusive digital economy. The first virtual eWeek 2020 illustrated that, even with various lockdown measures and travel restrictions, it is possible to hold global, multistakeholder dialogues in support of development.

eTrade for all will continue to act as the information-hub and catalytic partner you have come to know and appreciate, to ensure that no one is left behind.

Learn with us, grow with us, work with us. Let’s continue to connect the dots.