Welcome to the September 2019 edition of the eTrade for all newsletter

September has been busy in the digital economy world; this edition will help you find out about all latest news, events & publications on e-commerce!

  • In this issue, we unpack the first ever UNCTAD’s Digital Economy Report (previously known as Information Economy Report). Discover here below the current state of play in the digital economy and what options are available to policymakers to create better value from it.


  • Also, don’t miss the report that ITC and the WEF released during the WEF Africa Summit early this month, with contributions and support by many eTrade for all partners. An 8-areas agenda for Africa is presented to overcome the challenges of e-commerce in the region.



UNCTAD’s Digital Economy Report 2019– highlights:

How big is the digital economy? How can developing countries create value in the digital economy? What are the options for policymakers at national and international levels?

The first edition of the UNCTAD Digital Economy Report tackles these and other topics, giving a special attention to opportunities and challenges for the developing countries to take advantage of the platform and data-driven economy.


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