Welcome to the October edition of the eTrade for all newsletter!

Another busy month for our partners, with Africa and e-commerce being high on the agenda for many of us. In this edition, we will offer you a few insights about the WTO Public Forum and its vision for “Trade 2030”, with more than 30 sessions dealing with e-commerce and new technologies.

We will also take you to Burkina Faso, where UNCTAD and 8 eTrade all partners organized with WAEMU a regional workshop on e-commerce. It was also a good opportunity to meet with local businesses that try to make a difference in the local e-commerce ecosystem. Discover also the upcoming events from our partners

Read the exclusive interview (in French) with Mr. Mahamadi Rouamba, founder of three award-winning African digital solutions.

And finally, try out the MyeT4a functionality on the eTrade for all platform: it’s there to help you reach out to the right partners or engage in a new collaboration.

All this and much more in the October edition of our newsletter online. Enjoy the reading!