Welcome to the July 2019 edition of the eTrade for all newsletter!

Welcome to the Summer edition of the eTrade for all newsletter! This month we will take you to the Aid for Trade Global Review, which just closed its doors at the WTO. Women empowerment was high on the agenda, this year. Signs of the times, but not only. Cross-country evidence shows that gender equality contributes to economic transformation, through productivity gains, human capital accumulation, and improved social outcomes. Discover more in our dedicated chapter in the full version of our newsletter!

Don’t miss the digest we prepared on the new report by UNECA, UNCTAD and the AU on Assessing Regional Integration in Africa, with a special chapter on e-commerce-  in the context of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).



Also fresh from the shelf: eTrade for all Year in Review 2018-2019!  Discover the second edition of the Year in Review and learn how eTrade for all has been consolidating its shared work of building a more inclusive and sustainable future for all economies, by striving to turn digital opportunities into development gains.






And by the way, eTrade for all is turning 3!  For a nostalgic look-back, go here!





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