Welcome to our new member- UNIDO: March edition of the eTrade for all newsletter

For this edition of the newsletter, we are pleased to introduce to you our newest member,  UNIDO , and to hear from their Director General what are their priorities when it comes to e-commerce. Don’t miss the exclusive interview!

Also, on 15th March we celebrated the World Consumer Rights Day. We are all consumers and we are all concerned by the same underlying issues, like the trust we put in the vendor or the service provider – when we buy online. We have asked our partners Consumers International, to tell us a bit more on how to build trust in the digital world and what they do to make sure that the voice of consumers is heard on this topic.

A warm welcome to our new partner:  UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization)

Read our exclusive interview by LI Yong, Director General, UNIDO.

“E-commerce has the potential to transform a nation’s development pathway. UNIDO stands ready to collaborate with all stakeholders and partners to improve quality infrastructure, strengthen capacity building, and foster innovation of SMEs for E-commerce as part of its support for Inclusive and Sustainable Industrialization. ” 


In this edition, you will also find our exclusive interview  with Amanda Long, Director General, Consumers International, discussing the World Consumers Rights Day:

“Strong, safe and secure internet access is also essential to be able to shop online with confidence. That is why on World Consumer Rights Day many consumer organisations will be calling for better access to the internet. Currently only half of the world’s population has Internet access, making accessing digital marketplaces impossible.” 



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