UNCTAD publishes eTrade Readiness Assessment for Samoa

The UNCTAD ICT and Analysis Section publish the eTrade Readiness Assessment for Samoa. The team, who worked alongside Samoa to produce the report are pleased to present the report which provides practical insights into the e-commerce and digital economy needs of Samoa.
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In the UNCTAD press:

The Pacific Island nation of Samoa has made considerable progress in recent years in getting businesses and consumers online but still faces challenges before being fully ready to benefit from e-commerce, an UNCTAD assessment of the country published today says.

Made up of eight islands sitting halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand, the country’s isolation fuels high import prices and creates challenges for Samoan entrepreneurs to access global markets and grow their businesses.

By giving exporters direct access to potential clients around the globe and allowing Samoan consumers and businesses to find the best deals for what they import, e-commerce could help the country overcome its geographical disadvantages, the report says.

“As is the case for most small island developing states and especially in the Pacific,” the assessment says, “trade logistics constraints remain a key bottleneck for Samoa.”

Through the assessment, the government has realized that e-commerce is about more than ICT infrastructure, transport and regulation, and that it requires investment in soft infrastructure and skills, and a thorough, encompassing national e-commerce strategy.

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See the report here.


eTrade Readiness Assessment

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