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AFDB- African Economic Outlook 2019

UNCTAD – Policy Brief –  Leapfrogging: Look before you leap

UNCTAD- Creative Economy Outlook

UNCTAD – B2C E-COmmerce Index 2018- Focus on Africa

UNCTAD – The Least Developed Countries Report 2018

WEF: Delivering the Goods:
E‑commerce Logistics Transformation

UNECLAC –  International Trade Outlook
for Latin America and the Caribbean – 2018

WTO- World Trade Report 2018: The future of world trade
How digital technologies are transforming global commerce

ICTSD – IDB: Facilitation 2.0: E-Commerce and Trade in the Digital Age

WB – Data-Driven Development, information and Communications for Development series, 2018

ITU/UNESCO – The State of Broadband 2018: Broadband catalyzing sustainable development

ITC – SME Competitiveness Outlook 2018: Business Ecosystems for the Digital Age

ITC – Faster customs, faster trade: Using technology for trade facilitation

ITU – Snapshot Report of the Global ICT Capacity Building Symposium 2018

WIPO – Patent Cooperation Treaty Yearly Review – 2018

United Nations –  E-Government Survey 2018

UNCTAD – Republic of Vanuatu: Rapid eTrade Readiness Assessment 

UNCTAD – Republic of Senegal: Rapid eTrade Readiness Assessment (in French)

WIPO – Feasibility Study on Enhancing the Collection of Economic Data on the Audiovisual Sector in a Number of African Countries

UNESCAP – ADB: Embracing The E-commerce Revolution In Asia And The Pacific

WIPO – Global Innovation Index 2018

UNCTAD – Solomon Islands: Rapid eTrade Readiness Assessment 

WEF- Addressing e-payment challenges in global e-commerce

UNCTAD – World Investment Report 2018

UN ESCWA – Perspectives on the Digital Economy
in the Arab Region

Consumers International – The state of data protection rules around the world

UNCTAD- Technology and Innovation Report 2018

African Development Bank Group – African economic outlook

UNESCAP – Frontier Technologies for sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific

UNCTAD- East African Community Regional Integration: Trade and Gender Implications

World Bank Group- Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

WEF- Blockchain beyond the hype

WEF- Digital Transformation Initiative

WTO- Mainstreaming trade to attain the Sustainable Development Goals

UNCTAD – Rapid eTrade Readiness Assessment- Myanmar

IMF- World Economic Outlook

The World Bank- the Global Findex Database 2017

ITU – Digital Skills Toolkit

UNCTAD – Rapid eTrade Readiness Assessment- Liberia

UNCTAD- Rapid eTrade Readiness Assessment – Lao People’s Democratic Republic

UNCTAD: Digitalization and Trade- a Holistic approach is needed

UNCTAD – Elements of modalities for the African Continental Free Trade Area Market Access Negotiations on Tariffs: some key issues for consideration

UNCTAD – Towards e-commerce legal harmonization in the Caribbean

WB – Internet of Things : The New Government-to-Business Platform

UNECE – Recommendation 36: Single Window Interoperability

ITC – How to reach Chinese e-consumers: A practical guide for small businesses

ESCAP – Impact of implementation of digital trade facilitation on trade costs

The Changing Wealth of Nations 2018: Building a Sustainable Future

IDB – ICTSD – Multilateralising Telecoms: A Step-Change in Need of a Step?

African Economic Outlook 2018

ITU – OHRLLS: ICTs, LDCs, and the SDGs: Achieving universal and affordable Internet in the least developed countries

 WEF – The Inclusive Development Index 2018 Summary and Data Highlights

UNECE: Global Report on Trade Facilitation and Paperless Trade – 2017

World Bank – Global Economic Prospects Report 2018

WEF – Driving the Sustainability of Production Systems with Fourth Industrial Revolution Innovation

UNCTAD: Rapid eTrade Readiness Assessment – Nepal

Inter American Development Bank: Digital Trade-Related Provisions in Regional Trade Agreements

Global ICT Development index

ITU: Measuring the Information Society Report 2017

Innovative financing for development in Asia and the Pacific

eTrade Readiness Assessment

UNCTAD: eTrade Readiness Assessment – Samoa

Internet Society: Paths to Our Digital Future

UNCTAD B2C E-Commerce Index. Technical notes on ICT – Development

WEF: The Global Competitiveness Report 2017-2018

The State of Broadband: Broadband catalyzing sustainable development

Inclusive growth and e-Commerce: China’s experience

Global Future Council on International Trade and Investment

Status, Opportunities and Challenges of BRICS e-commerce

IDB: Beyond the Recovery

World Bank: Creating markets in Ghana

Information Economy report. Digitalization,Trade and Development.

UNCTAD Information Economy Report 2017.

UN: Trade Facilitation and Paperless Trade Implementation – Global Report 2017

GSMA: Start-ups and mobile in emerging markets

UNCTAD: Digital tools for foresight

ESCAP - Asia Pacific Trade and Investment Report

ESCAP: Asia Pacific, Trade and investment report 2017

Testing our trust

CI: Testing our Trust: Consumers and the Internet of Things

Trade facilitation & paperless trade implementation

The Global Human Capital Report 2017…the future of work

Digital/McKinsey: Insights
Winning in digital ecosystems

UNCTAD: Handbook of Statistics 2017

UNCTAD: Least Developed Country Report 2017

WTO: Trade Policy Review – Cambodia


WEF Report - 4th Industrial revolution - impact on Supply chains

WEF: Impact of the Fourth industrial Revolution on Supply Chains

ITU: ICT centric economic growth, innovation and job creation

ITU: ICT centric economic growth, innovation and job creation

Report on Enabling Digital Opportunities in the Middle East

Internet Society: Enabling Digital Opportunities in the Middle East

Making Deals in Cyber Space

WEF: Making Deals in Cyberspace. What’s the Problem?

The New Digital Economy and Development

UNCTAD: The New Digital Economy and Development

Trade and Development Report 2017: Beyond austerity…

World investment report 2017. Investment and the Digital Economy

Huawei: Trade Rules and the Digital Economy

Internet Society Report on Promoting the African Internet Economy

Internet Society: Promoting the African Internet Economy

UNESCAP: Digital and Virtual Currencies for Sustainable Development

WEF: Paperless Trading: How does it impact the Trading system?

SME Competitiveness Survey

ITC SME Competitiveness Outlook 2017. A door to global trade

Trade facilitation & better connectivity for an inclusive Asia & Pacific

Discover the latest iteration of the Global Cyber-security Index (GCI)

Supporting the Creation and Scalability of Affordable Access

African Economic Outlook 2017
Entrepreneurship & Industrialisation

WTO World Trade Report 2017. Trade, technology, and jobs

ICT Facts and Figures 2017
by ITU

UNESCAP: Digital Trade Facilitation in Asia and The Pacific