WTO reform & e-commerce


International trade has progressed enormously since the founding of the WTO in 1995. The world trades a lot more – from just over 5 trillion dollars’ worth of goods in 1995 to more than 22 trillion dollars in 2021. The world also trades in new ways – e-commerce accounts for more than 20 percent of total retail sales worldwide. Supply chains have also revolutionized trade, leading to the rise of products made “in the world”. Despite this radical transformation, the WTO and the rules of trade remain largely unchanged. Ambassador Didier Chambovey of Switzerland, the General Council Chair, and the WTO’s Joan Apecu talk about the efforts to keep the organization fit for purpose and ready to respond to the realities of 21st century commerce.


Joan Apecu
Counsellor, Counsel TNC Division, WTO Secretary

Didier Chambovey
Permanent Representative of Switzerland to the WTO
Chair Man of the WTO General Counsel


Daniel Pruzin
WTO spokesperson