Go local. Gaining a foothold in the global IT services market


Digitally transmitted services are the fastest-growing segment of international trade. They offer huge opportunities for SMEs in emerging markets and developing economies. But how do you convince potential clients that you offer cutting-edge IT services when your country is mainly known as an exporter of pineapples and coffee? In this episode we talk to Albán Sánchez, an IT entrepreneur from Costa Rica who decided that the way to deal with outdated perceptions of his country was to establish a business presence in his target market. Albán is joined by Antonia Carzaniga of the WTO’s Trade in Services Division who puts his experience into the bigger services trade context.


Albán Sánchez
Co-Founder and CEO of Lantern Technologies and LinkAmerica Labs, Costa Rica and Dallas/Texas.

Antonia Carzaniga
Counsellor, Trade in Services and Investment Division, WTO


Kimonique Powell
WTO Young Professional