44. All things being equal: Changing the rules around big data


This episode of The Weekly Tradecast looks at the pros and cons of big data with Shamika N. Sirimanne, director of UNCTAD’s technology and logistics division.

Every time we send an email, tap on a social media ad or use our credit cards, we are creating digital data. The information travels around the world largely unregulated and it is the lifeblood of tech giants.

But that era may be ending as efforts to rein in big tech gain momentum. Scores of countries are accelerating efforts to control the flow of digital information – driven by security and privacy concerns, as well as economic interests.

Tune in to Shamika to hear about the challenges and opportunities and learn why the UN is calling for a balanced approach to data governance.


Shamika N. Sirimanne
Director of UNCTAD’s
Technology and Logistics Division.