Conference on the Global Digital Content Market – Key highlights

While the digital environment has created enormous opportunities for consumers and creators alike, it has also resulted in massive disruptions to existing business models. The resulting pressures were at the heart of the WIPO’s Conference, which was hosted by India’s Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

WIPO Conference on the Global Digital Content Market: Focus on Asia-Pacific

Summary of conclusions

Speakers addressing the concluding session of the Conference all welcomed the outcome of two-days of discussions that shed further light on the opportunities and challenges of the digital market.

In summarizing deliberations, Mr. Kevin Fitzgerald, a WIPO Director, highlighted some of the key issues raised during the Conference which was attended by over 400 participants from over 20 countries and a diversity of sectors.

In a keynote speech at the opening of the Conference, best-selling author Sangeet Paul Choudary encouraged creators and producers to think of new ways to obtain value from their content.

In addition, experts from the music industry spoke about how after 15 years of decline, the music industry has seen growth over the past three years. They reminded conference participants that composers and performers are the lifeblood of the industry and are often struggling to obtain what they consider to be a fair share of these growing levels of income.


Video: Kevin Fitzgerald’s closing summary

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