Welcome to the September 2018 edition of the eTrade for all newsletter!

For this edition, we would like to offer you a snapshot of the Rapid eTrade Readiness Assessments (eT Readies) that UNCTAD has been carrying out over the past 2 years in close collaboration with several eTrade for all partners. Discover some key findings and hear from a national consultant how they work in practice.
And don’t miss the latest updates from ITU Telecom World 2018 as well as the work that is being undertaken by ESCAP and ADB to support e-commerce development in the Asia and Pacific Region. Check out also in this September issue, the release of the 2018 SME Competitiveness Index by ITC and get precious insights on the Report of the Working Group on Digital Entrepreneurship of the Broadband Commission. 
All this and much more in the September edition of our newsletter, available online!