In manufacturing’s digital dream, lies a lot of hope

Indian manufacturing industries are excitedly stepping up to adopt digital technology, but it’s not going to be easy as they will have to grapple with challenges, says Jayadipta Chatterji Mehta. The benefits, however, will be more than adequate.

Computer-aided manufacturing, with the support of digital devices to automate manufacturing processes, is disrupting our legacy businesses. ET India Leadership Council members Dinesh Aggarwal, joint managing director, Anchor Electricals, Pankaj Bhardwaj, general manager, South Asia, Avery Dennison, Shujaul Rehman, chief executive officer, Garware-Wall Ropes, Ranganath N Krishna, managing director, Grundfos, Rohit Saboo, president, National Engineering Industries, and Deepak Garg, director, South Asia, SANY Heavy Industry, share their thoughts on the challenges and benefits that digital transformation in manufacturing industries will bring.

In the simplest sense, inanimate objects like machines, devices, sensors, and even manufacturing processes have come alive, with artificial intelligence that makes them intelligent. These are storehouses of data, and can perform human tasks. Humans can capture this data…

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