UN E-GOVERNMENT SURVEYS: Gearing e-government to support transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies

The 2018 UN E-Government Survey is published as the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) advances to its third year. Governments have the critical responsibility to pursue policies and measures to build resilience and assist those most affected by shocks in achieving SDGs. They must find ways to anticipate disasters and shocks and lower their impact. Digital technologies are increasingly being used by governments to improve the response to disasters and other shocks to improve the resilience of communities. At the same time, the development of ICTs has added a new dimension of vulnerability.

This requires bolstering resilience in other areas where governments are not always well equipped to venture. Governments are also called upon to find ways to ensure good standards and safeguards in online public services such as digital health while working closely with the private sector. Overall, in the information society, it is important to move onwards to an approach where the concerns of building resilience, sustainable development and leaving no one behind are embedded in e-government development. The survey explores how to move in this direction. This overarching theme is explored against the backdrop of an analysis of the trends in e-government development worldwide based on the EGDI.

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