Two hundred Ukrainian entrepreneurs to boost their e-commerce skills

The national network for entrepreneurs Diia.Business under the guidance of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, the Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office, with the support of the International Trade Centre, a United Nations agency, and the financial assistance of the Government of Japan are partnering to develop the e-commerce skills and capacities of 200 participants belonging to over 100 small businesses.

The programme in Ukraine is called ‘Global E-commerce Access’ and it is aimed at realizing the speed of Ukraine’s e-commerce growth potential, that has been the highest in Central and Eastern Europe over the past decade, providing now a growing source of income for Ukrainians at a time of ongoing military disruptions. Local and international experts will contribute to developing e-commerce in Ukraine, as its market revenue is expected to display an annual growth rate of 13.92% from 2023 to 2027, according to Statista.

The programme consists of a generic training on e-commerce fora wider audience and a following, more advanced training for the most promising 50 participants. The 10 best projects developed within this partnership will receive additional coaching. Thematic modules include ‘Web presence’, ‘E-commerce strategy’, ‘Customer service’ and more.

The initiative will take place between July and November of this year.

The trainings are part of the International Trade Centre Ukraine: Building Economic Resilience of Displacement Affected Communities | ITC ( project.

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