Representatives of the Malagasy private sector during the presentation of the digital platform that will help them build business relationships.

Madagascar: African Development Bank launches digital platform to drive business linkages

The African Development Bank on 14 September 2023 launched a digital platform in Madagascar to help drive business linkages in the island country southeast of Africa.

The Mada Business Linkage(link is external) is a B2B digital platform that interconnects registered businesses operating in Madagascar. Launched in the capital, Antananarivo, It targets companies looking for suppliers or subcontractors and gives visibility to firms seeking business partnerships.

Between now and early 2024, Malagasy companies will register and use the platform to showcase themselves to others on the network at no cost. They can also use the platform to tap data on targeted businesses and offer collaboration. After this period, the platform will be self-financed from annual subscription fees from its members.

The Mada Business Linkage is part of the small and medium-sized (SME) Business Linkage Program(link is external) initiated by the African Development Bank. Covering all sectors of the economy, the programme will help drive the growth of SMEs, promote large-scale economic development and create better employment opportunities for women and young people in key sectors. The Bank funded the Madagascar SME Business Linkage Program with $1.4 million

“This business linkage development programme is an innovative mechanism in that SMEs now have the means to respond to opportunities offered by large companies and expressed through the online platform,” said Adam Amoumoun, African Development Bank Country Manager in Madagascar. He said the programme will be scaled up to sustainably improve the local supply chain.

Ingenosya, a digital transformation company in Madagascar, designed and developed the Mada Business Linkage platform

“The Mada Business Linkage platform is now accessible to all, and I invite all interested companies to explore it and enjoy its benefits,” said Miangaly Andriamampandry, Deputy Director of Ingenosya.

Sandrine Rakotovao, in charge of the SME Business Linkage Program at the African Development Bank, said there will be a campaign to provide information and promote the platform throughout October 2023.

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