E-Commerce for SMEs: An Introduction for Policymakers new course

In the context of e-commerce’s increasing relevance in international trade, this joint course by ITC and Diplo Foundation is designed to help participants better understand the multifaceted concept of e-commerce, the opportunities it offers to SMEs, and the steps necessary to create an enabling environment allowing for a greater uptake of e-commerce by both businesses and consumers. This course aims to assist participants in identifying the key components of competitiveness from a business perspective across the e-commerce process chain, from establishing a business online, to international e-payment, cross-border delivery and aftersales.

From a policymaking perspective, participants are guided in the use of a conceptualized e-commerce matrix to evaluate strategies and policies designed to foster a conducive environment for e-commerce at both the national and international level. Particular focus is placed on the topics currently being discussed in international fora, including data flow, de minimis provisions, personalization, cybersecurity, and online consumer protection.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Argue for the importance of e-commerce for businesses;
  • Determine the key ingredients necessary to ensure the competitiveness of SMEs in e-commerce; and
  • Identify policy areas likely to lead to a conducive environment for e-commerce, both nationally and internationally.