Diplo’s crystal ball exercise: Digital policy in 2019 – 10 areas of development which we will need to watch closely.

The digital realm is mirroring societal developments. Cyber risks and uncertainties are growing. A cyber-arms race is in the making. Opportunity-wise, artificial intelligence (AI), quantum computing, and blockchain are spearheading a wave of new applications in health, agriculture, and development. In 2019, the digital realpolitik trend will accelerate, and there are 10 areas of development which we will need to watch closely.

This crystal ball exercise follows the tradition initiated and delivered every year by DiploFoundation’s founding director Dr Jovan Kurbalija. The 2019 predictions have been prepared by Diplo’s team of digital policy researchers.

The 10 digital policy predictions for 2019

1. Data governance: Discussions will mature amid tensions
2. Digital geo-economics: The race for tech dominance will continue
3. Geo-politics: A security and cyber-arms race in the making
4. Artificial intelligence: Maturing beyond hype 
5. Security will be omnipresent
6. Tech companies: The dawn of government regulation
7. Global e-commerce rules will hang in the balance
8. Hardware is back
9. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies: A year of reckoning
10. Digital identities will catch on

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