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Apply Now: Commonwealth Connectivity Agenda Cross-Regional Connectivity Grants Program

Peer-to-peer learning and exchange can be a potent tool to bolster cross-regional trade and investment across the Commonwealth. It can be a conduit to share best practices, innovative strategies, diverse insights and perspectives on increasing trade and investment.

The Commonwealth Connectivity Agenda is proud to support collaborative peer-to-peer programs and initiatives by public and private sector organisations to boost trade and investment across the Commonwealth.

Cross-regional collaborative engagements not only help in developing more informed and nuanced trade and investment strategies but also contribute to enhancing economic resilience and fostering a spirit of shared unity and growth.

The Commonwealth Connectivity Agenda’s Cross-Regional Connectivity Grants Program

If you are a public or private sector institution from a Commonwealth country with a prospective peer-to-peer learning program or initiative in mind, consider applying to the Connectivity Agenda’s Cross-Regional Connectivity Grants Program to help bring your program to fruition.

This grants program supports Commonwealth member states in undertaking cross-regional peer-to-peer learning activities aimed at enhancing their knowledge, building their capacity, and growing their expertise to facilitate greater trade and investment.

Program support to peer-to-peer learning initiatives will be delivered through modest grant agreements of up to £25,000, with a maximum of four initiatives supported per call round.

The grant application window is open now and closes on 1 December, 2023.

For more information, including suitability requirements and to apply now, visit the program page here:

Questions can be directed to the Connectivity Agenda team at [email protected].

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