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Welcome to the private part of the eTrade for all platform. This is your information and knowledge-hub.
Through a secure and restricted path, this is where you can take full ownership of the tools available.

As a partner

This is where you can share with peers – proposals, potential cooperation opportunities, project ideas and.. much more!

This is where you can be contacted by a potential beneficiary who wants to know more about your offerings.

This is where you can show your results and generate substantive knowledge to advance the policy dialogue on the potential of e-commerce to foster sustainable development.

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Developing countries

This is where  you  can start a dialogue, upload your requests for assistance, and share  with the partners you have selected.

This  is where you can ask your peers about their experiences, they challenges and their opportunities. Share & learn!



This is where you can gather hands-on feedback, exchange and meet potential beneficiaries, ask questions and initiate a new dialogue.

How to get started? Just follow the dots…