ITC's Identity Card

  • Sustainable resilient value chains
    Connecting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to value chains and helping them succeed is central to ITC’s mission. We work with all stakeholders in areas that can improve income and employment and have the greatest potential for developmental change, and develop strategies and build partnerships along those value chains. See how our Alliances for Action and Trade for Sustainable Development initiatives support these objectives.
  • Inclusive trade
    We understand that inclusion is essential to bridge economic, social and environmental gaps. ITC emphasizes initiatives that create opportunities for women, youth and other people in vulnerable situations, such as the poor, refugees, internally displaced persons, people with disabilities and other often marginalized groups. See how our SheTrades, Youth and Trade, Ethical Fashion Initiative and Refugee Employment and Skills initiatives work towards these objectives.
  • Green Trade
    Environmental sustainability and climate resilience have become key determinants of enterprise competitiveness. ITC supports ecopreneurs and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to build and scale their green innovations and products. We promote the alignment of trade- and environment-related policies. See how our Green2Compete and Trade for Sustainable Development initiatives aim to end unsustainable practices.
  • E-commerce
    ITC centres its efforts on the digitalization of trade and the specific constraints faced by micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, in particular e-commerce of goods and services. We focus on facilitating inclusive participation in e-commerce by simultaneously enabling firm growth and addressing challenges faced at the enterprise, business ecosystem and policy levels. See how our ecomConnect initiative helps provide tools and solutions for the development of e-commerce.
  • Regional integration
    ITC’s interventions at the regional and inter-regional level focus on boosting regional trade and advancing South-South trade and investment. We enhance supportive regulatory and institutional environments, and strive to integrate micro, small and medium-sized enterprises into regional value chains and connect them with emerging trade opportunities. See how our One Trade Africa empowers African enterprises, especially women- and youth-led businesses, to access market opportunities from continental integration.