PIF Cook Islands E-Commerce Acceleration Work Plan

Cook Islands E-Commerce Acceleration Work Plan

The Cook Islands E-commerce Acceleration Work Plan sets out a phased approach to fostering a thriving e-commerce ecosystem in the Cook Islands. The plan emphasizes collaboration between government and private sector stakeholders and is phased to allow for implementation according to the highest priorities.

The Work Plan is based on extensive consultations with industry, Government, consumers and international development partners. It also incorporates the findings of a comprehensive legal & regulatory gap analysis, comparing the existing laws of the Cook Islands with a set of ‘reference’ countries to identify priority legal & regulatory reforms to support the e-commerce sector.

The Work Plan has been designed to align with the Pacific Regional E-commerce Strategy & Roadmap, by arranging activities in seven policy areas: Legal & Regulatory Framework, Online Payments, Policies and strategies, ICT infrastructure and Services, Logistics and Trade Facilitation, Skills development and Access to Finance. This will allow national initiatives on e-commerce to align and benefit from similar regional initiatives.

PIF Solomon Islands National E-commerce Strategy 2022-2027

Solomon Islands National E-commerce Strategy 2022-2027

This document embodies the commitment of the Solomon Islands Government to leveraging electronic commerce to transform livelihoods across the country. Online markets and digital trade have the potential to create jobs, increase economic growth and enhance trade across sectors and industries. Small businesses, people living in rural areas, women and youth in particular can benefit from e-commerce and the digital economy. By enabling digital trade for all, the National E-commerce Strategy 2022-2027 aims to ensure a prosperous and peaceful Solomon Islands for generations to come.