Welcome to the May edition of the eTrade for all Newsletter!

For this edition of the newsletter, we are pleased to introduce our newest member, ICTSD and to hear a bit more about their priorities. Let’s discover how they play a catalyst role in policy development and advocate for sustainable development, including through digital transformation.

Read their full interview here!



Also, a month ago UNCTAD closed its 2018 eCommerce Week edition and fresh from the shelf, we are pleased to share with you its Summary Report!





This month,  our partners had a busy agenda, with several key conferences that took place:

* The 21th session of the UN Commission on Science, Technology and Development also took place (14-18 May, Geneva, Switzerland); during the event, the Technology and Innovation Report 2018 was also launched.

* The AI for Good Global Summit 2018 (14-18 May,Geneva, Switzerland), which is the leading United Nations platform for dialogue on AI.

* Consumers International: The state of data protection rules around the world .

In this May edition, you will also find some hot news about your eTrade for all platform, as well as the latest news and events on the digital economy to watch out for.

Everything you need to know on e-commerce and the digital economy in the full edition of our May Newsletter, available online!