Ouverture des inscriptions au cours avancé OMPI-OMC sur la propriété intellectuelle

mars 28
– avril 8
En Ligne

Les Secrétariats de l’OMC et de l’Organisation mondiale de la propriété intellectuelle (OMPI) organiseront un cours avancé sur la propriété intellectuelle (PI) pour les fonctionnaires gouvernementaux, qui se tiendra sous forme virtuelle du 28 mars au 8 avril 2022. La date limite pour le dépôt des demandes d’inscription est fixée au 31 janvier 2022.

(temporairement en anglais)

What is the course about?

The purpose of the course is to enhance the capacity of policymakers to develop national expertise in global IP law and policy issues. This course will focus on new developments and policy issues under discussion at WIPO and the WTO.

Participants will benefit from engaging with experts on a range of IP issues, including fast-evolving topics such as IP, trade and public health; IP andartificial intelligence/digital transformations; and IP and business, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Who should apply?

Senior government officials who want to build their technical knowledge and policymaking expertise on global IP issues.

This course is designed for senior government officials involved in IP law and policymaking. Candidates must be responsible for IP and related policy issues in their country, demonstrate knowledge or professional experience in the field of IP, possess an extensive practical background in IP law, policy and practice and be proficient in English, the working language of the course.

How to apply?

Government officials from WTO members and observers eligible to benefit from WTO training activities are invited to apply by 31 January 2022.