Traceability within the context of eBusiness Standards

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In electronic business exchange, traceability can take several different meanings depending on the context.

  • Traceability can include the operational tracking of an asset (merchandise, pallet, container), to know where it is on the supply chain
  • Traceability can include regulatory compliance of merchandise, to ensure that regulations (economic, social or other) have been respected, especially when crossing borders
  • Traceability can also include technical visibility of all the data exchanges, to ensure that the information has not been compromised or changed

All these forms of traceability are essential for coherent data exchange and smooth business processes. Clients and regulators expect and sometimes even demand such traceability.

Electronic business solutions can provide a great deal to meaningful traceability.


This webinar will aim to gain an understanding of what traceability is and what it means, why we have traceability and how it works. The objective of the webinar will be to have a common understanding of the topic and encourage the different working groups to get in touch with each other.

This webinar will provide the opportunity to learn more about the different standards and projects of major standards development organizations on traceability.


13:00-13:15 Launch and opening statement
Mr. Lance Thompson, Secretary UN/CEFACT, UNECE
13:15-13:40 “Tracing a sustainability claim to tracing an asset: the multiple facets of traceability and the solutions provided by UN/CEFACT”
Ms. Sue Probert, Chair of UN/CEFACT
13:40-13:50 “ITU DLT standardization and applications in traceability”
Mr. Wei Kai, Rapporteur ITU-T Question 22/16 “DLT”, ITU-T Study Group 16
13:50-14:00 “Input from ITU-T Study Group 11”
Mr. Joao Zanon, Vice Chair, ITU-T Study Group 11
14:00-14:05 “Identifying the elements in the eco-system within telecommunication / ICT environment”
Mr. Phil Rushton, Chair, ITU-T Study Group 2
14:05-14:30 “Traceability in the power industry”
Mr. Arnaud Ulian, Chair, IEC TC 57
14:30-14:55 “Overview of Traceability from ISO perspective”
Mr. Christian Hay, ISO TC215
14:55-15:15 Discussion and Q and A
15:15-15:30 Conclusions and closing

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