eTrade for all newsletter – June 2020

Dear All,

This month, we welcome not only one but two new members to the eTrade for all family! Learn, in our exclusive interviews, how the Commonwealth Secretariat and the International Labour Organization wish to contribute to the work of the initiative, and what are their expectations out of it.

And if you also wonder what the eTrade for all initiative is doing and how you can also get more out it, don’t miss our newly released Year in Review. In this annual report, we tell you more about our efforts in building synergies to better harness the complexities of the digital transformation – and contribute to sustainable development.

June has been a very rich and intense month for many of our partners, with several activities marking the celebrations of the Day of Family Remittances and MSMEs Day, in particular. Discover our selection of relevant events and publications, should you have missed them.

Also, this month, UNCTAD, current Chair of the United Nations Group on the Information Society (UNGIS), launched the UNGIS Dialogue, to which many of UNGIS and eTrade for all partners have already contributed with think pieces on their vision for digitalization in this UN Decade of Action.

And last but not least, the UN Secretary General launched his Roadmap for Digital Cooperation. At eTrade for all, we stand ready to support and contribute to all relevant efforts to build synergies in the digital for development landscape.

And… finally…. your favourite newsletter will take its customary summer break and  will welcome you back at the end of August. We’ll then tell you more about what’s cooking for our partners for the fall.

Enjoy the reading. Stay safe & stay tuned!