WSIS Action Line C7: e-Business: “Enabling women in eBusiness”

March 13
2:15 pm
 – 3:15 pm

The contribution of networks, supporting institutions and peers.

The rapid spread of digital technologies after the COVID-19 pandemic has created new opportunities for women and increased their participation in the digital economy. However, women entrepreneurs are still facing various challenges such as discouraging social and cultural attitudes, lower levels of entrepreneurship skills, legal discrimination, greater difficulty in accessing start-up financing, smaller and less effective entrepreneurial networks, lack of mentorship, and policy frameworks that fail to address their needs.

In addition to traditional instruments to address these barriers, such as training and financing mechanisms, female role models and access to peer mentorship and business networks can have a significant and lasting impact on the participation of women in e-business.

Our session discusses the value of role modelling, peer support, business mentorship, supporting institutions and strategic networking to catalyse digital female entrepreneurship, create e-business opportunities, and facilitate sustainable and inclusive trade. The session will present testimonials from women business leaders and ecosystem enablers from various regions of the world, who are making a mark in their digital ecosystems and helping other women toward successful online trade.


  • Why are role models and peer support particularly important to women digital entrepreneurs?
  • What role do peer networks play in translating global objectives of women’s digital empowerment into realistic local actions?
  • How can we create a sustainable network structure that could bring successful women digital entrepreneurs together with those who need assistance?
  • How can the development of networking and mentorship for women in e-business be supported in developing countries?
  • What can women in e-business do to be change-makers and help empower other women toward successful online trade?
  • What contribution can national infrastructures such as Posts bring to enhance women’s participation in online trade?