Women Entrepreneurs on Expanding Online Business through E-commerce Platform and Digital Marketing

New Dehi

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has raised unprecedented challenges for South Asia, it has also created opportunities for a greater digital transformation. COVID-19 has resulted in a shift in the way transactions are conducted and has accelerated the shift towards a more digital world, bringing along a change in the shopping behaviors. This has led to a major increase in the e-commerce business in the region and has provided a significant opportunity to women entrepreneurs to excel and explore global and regional markets.

Women entrepreneurs are considered as key to economic growth due to its multiplier effects such as job creation, increase in labor force participation and uplifting families out of poverty and can contribute to achieving several SDGs, especially SDG 5. However, women entrepreneurs in South Asian region face challenges relating to access to finance, ICT and are not able to expand their businesses and become part of a wider regional and global supply chains mostly due to lack of knowledge and limited scale of their businesses (micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME)). E-commerce can be a powerful tool for connecting with customers and be a part of wider supply chain.

Keeping this in view, this training is being organized to enhance the capacity of the women entrepreneurs of South Asia to use digital and online platforms for promoting business through e-commerce and creating awareness on the existing opportunities. Additionally, this training would seek to establish a network amongst the women entrepreneurs by providing an opportunity to showcase their products, services and share their entrepreneurial journey.

  • The virtual training aims to provide the following to the women entrepreneurs:
  • introduction to digital marketing and e-commerce
  • introduction to online e-learning course on e-commerce
  • hands-on training on how to register and link their business to an e-commerce platform
  • building a network of women entrepreneurs and opportunity to display their products and services to fellow participants.

All the women entrepreneurs who are interested to attend this online training, need to register in advance at the below mentioned link. Upon successful completion of the registration, the participants will be shared the meeting details of Zoom app via an email to join the training.