UNESCAP-PEPPOL-ICC-ADB Webinar on E-invoicing for Cross-border Paperless Trade

UNESCAP-PEPPOL-ICC-ADB Webinar on E-invoicing for Cross-border Paperless Trade
November 29

So far, the UNESCAP-ICC-ADB webinar series have covered several topics related to cross-border trade facilitation during the last months, covering advanced technologies, legal enablers, mobile applications, trade financing, digitalization of trade documents, data analytics, etc. However, one of the core areas that may gain momentum is e-invoicing, that in many countries has been implemented, while in more countries it is one of the top items in an overall strategy of modernization of national economies. This trend will also impact cross-border trade since many e-invoicing, Procurements, and payments are more and more realized in a digital environment, through the application of smart contracts as well, and B2B relevant digital transactions are generating data in the international supply chain.

This webinar is organized with one of the leading NPOs in Europe, the Peppol, which enables businesses across Europe to communicate electronically with public buyers in various stages of the procurement process. In addition, the webinar will explore how the e-invoicing processes are going to facilitate cross-border paperless trade.

Join us to learn about e-procurement in Europe region and beyond.