Trade Meets AI: Navigating in a ‘Digital New World’

April 19
9:00 am

This event, organised by the Trade Policy Exchange, will explore the interplay between Trade Policy and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The advent of AI is heralding a new era in international trade, presenting unprecedented opportunities and formidable challenges. From facilitating paperless cross-border transactions to reshaping global value chains and enhancing market competitiveness, AI is poised to transform the trading system in ways yet to be fully understood. Yet, this digital revolution brings with it questions of governance, equity, and the future of work, necessitating a deep dive into the implications of AI-driven trade.

The panel will provide insights on key questions, including:

  • What is artificial intelligence (AI) and how can the technology be framed?
  • What are the opportunities for and risks of AI in international trade?
  • What are some emergent sources of AI-related law and how are they evolving?
  • What does ‘trade in AI’ look like in the future?


  • Jason Grant Allen, Director, Singapore Management University – Centre for AI and Data
    Governance (CAIDG)
  • Craig Atkinson, Trade Development Specialist, United Nations/World Trade
    Organization – International Trade Centre (ITC)
  • Martina Ferracane, Associate Professor, Teesside University – School of Computing,
    Engineering and Digital Technologies and Academic Manager, Digital Trade Integration
    Project, European University Institute – Robert Schuman Center for Advanced Studies
  • Johannes Fritz, Chief Executive Officer, St. Gallen Endowment for Prosperity for
    Through Trade – Global Trade Alert/Digital Policy Alert
  • Kholofelo Kugler, Counsel, Advisory Centre on WTO Law and Doctoral Fellow, Trade
    Law 4.0 Project (Trade Policy Exchange Co-founder)
  • Marília Maciel, Head of Digital Commerce and Internet Policy, DiploFoundation


  • Mira Burri, Professor of International Economic Law/Internet Law, University of Lucerne
    – Faculty of Law and Principal Investigator, Trade Law 4.0 Project


  • Nicolas Köhler-Suzuki, Associate Researcher, Jacques Delors Institute and Trade Policy
    Advisor, International Trade Intelligence (Trade Policy Exchange Co-founder)