Towards a more diverse international standardisation landscape – Motivations and actions for stakeholders in the ARIN region

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3:00 pm
 – 3:45 pm

This event is addressed to stakeholders in the ARIN service region (national and regional standard development organisations, governmental entities, industry, the technical community, academia, and civil society groups with an interest in digital standards.)

On 22 February, we launched the paper International digital standards: A case for the involvement of stakeholders in the ARIN region and started a discussion on why and how stakeholders in small and developing countries (in particular Caribbean and North Atlantic islands) can contribute to international standardisation processes. We looked at the various implications of digital standards (for economy and trade, human rights, public policy, geopolitics), explored the complexity and dynamism of the international standardisation landscape, and outlined a series of recommendations that could contribute to a more diverse participation in digital standard-setting.

Following up on these discussions, we will:

  • Look more closely at what motivates actors to participate in international standards developing organisations (SDOs), and how they choose which organisations and areas to focus on.
  • Explore concrete actions that could step up the engagement of stakeholders from the ARIN region in international SDOs.
  • Discuss how regional stakeholders – governments, national SDOs, companies, etc. – can strengthen their cooperation on digital standardisation issues, at both regional and international levels.

Because the event will be held right after the conclusion of the ITU World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA-20), our event will also feature an overview of key WTSA outcomes and a discussion around their implications.


  • Bevil Wooding | Director of Caribbean Affairs, American Registry for Internet Numbers
  • Sorina Teleanu | Researcher, Diplo


Chat moderator:

  • Ginger Paque | Coordinator – Internet Governance and E-diplomacy


This event is part of the Raising awareness on digital standards for ARIN region countries project funded by ARIN through its Community Grant Program and run by Diplo US. The project includes research, training, and awareness-building components dedicated to promoting a better understanding of the importance of international digital standards across the ARIN region, focusing on developing countries.