The Use of Digital Technologies and Tools in Good Regulatory Practices

November 7
10:00 am
 – 1:00 pm

Good Regulatory Practices play an important role in implementing disciplines under the TBT Agreement by ensuring that high-quality and cost-effective regulations are also compatible with open trade. Good Regulatory Practices also help to establish a common and predictable framework for regulatory intervention which facilitates global regulatory cooperation and harmonization.

This thematic session will explore how the use of digital technologies and tools can help in designing and applying various Good Regulatory Practices and, as a result, contribute to the improved and effective implementation of the TBT Agreement.

It will also explore how Members innovate and use digital technologies and tools to manage the regulatory process (e.g., conducting regulatory impact assessment, consultations, managing stakeholders’ comments and reviewing regulatory measures) and how such tools can increase inclusiveness and efficiency of the regulatory process.

Preliminary guiding questions:

  • How can digital technologies and tools help in implementing Good Regulatory Practices including in terms of improving transparency, inclusiveness and efficiency of regulatory process?
  • How can Members cooperate in implementing digital tools and technologies in regulatory process?
  • What are the challenges and possible solutions to ensure developing countries, LDCs in particular, can make use of such digital tools and technologies in their regulatory processes?