The Digital Revolution: Fostering Inclusion and Resilient Growth

April 20
11:00 am

The COVID-19 pandemic sent advanced and developing economies into starkly divergent paths—with advanced economies expected to recover fully by 2023 and developing economies expected to lag for years to come. Developing economies have nevertheless embraced innovative digital solutions that are enabling economic transformation and putting them on a path toward green, resilient, and inclusive growth. Private and public investment in digital solutions is bringing critical services to the poorest, creating jobs, strengthening small and medium businesses, enabling trade and services, and building resilience to shocks. At the same time, more than half the developing world remains digitally unconnected, and risks around privacy and cybersecurity are growing worldwide.

This event will explore how countries can boost growth, productivity, inclusion and resilience as they recover by embracing private sector innovation coupled with enabling government policy.


Close to 1/3 of adults globally—or 1.7 billion people—have no bank accounts. Join us LIVE on April 20 to learn how #PowerofDigital is helping these “unbanked” individuals access financial services. Submit your comments/questions now!  

More details will be available soon, including the event program and list of speakers.