The 7 numbers to take control of your e-commerce business

April 15 
4:00 pm
 – 5:30 pm

Join our webinar on “The 7 numbers to take control of your e-commerce business” to help you build a strategy that keeps bringing your audience back.

What will you learn?

✔️ Why it’s important to know your numbers & have a plan to keep bringing your audience back.

✔️ The 3 common mistakes, and what to do instead

✔️ The 4 building blocks to work through, to develop your action plan. This will help you:

  • Put a stop to ‘shiny object syndrome’!
  • Building an audience that engages
  • From barely breaking even, to consistent sales

Meet the Expert

I’m Monica. Your business & brand strategist, for product & e-commerce businesses. I help you, the creative conscious product/e-commerce business, to build a brand that inspires your audience to action.

I bring together 15+ years of experience. Having worked with Fortune500 companies (across Brand Management, Strategy Consulting & Global Marketing), been hired by Google to coach their premium partners (7-figure scale-ups) and coached small business, creative, conscious, e-commerce, product entrepreneurs, some of whom hadn’t even made their first $10,000, before working with me.⁠

I’m Dutch by birth, Indian by birth. Global by choice and education. A creative thinker. A dancer.⁠ A chai addict. A mom of 2 girls.⁠