Regional Conference Addressing Cybercrime in Sub-Saharan Africa

9:00 am
 – 1:30 pm

The Commonwealth Secretariat’s Cyber Capability Programme is convening regional experts on cybercrime, including investigators, prosecutors, and senior judiciary, as well as Attorneys General and authorities engaged in combating cybercrime in Ghana from 17-20 January 2022.

The Conference will provide a forum for professionals to enhance cyber capability and resilience of regional authorities in western Africa in support of the Commonwealth Heads of Government’s Cyber Declaration, in London 2018.

Topics to be discussed during the four-day training event:

  • Monday 17 January: Addressing cybercrime in sub-Saharan Africa: challenges and opportunities
  • Tuesday 18 January: Capacity building through awareness-raising: challenges and opportunities
  • Wednesday 19 January: Mutual legal assistance systems and electronic evidence
  • Thursday 20 January: Strengthening the fight against cybercrime: anti-cybercrime frameworks: initiatives and solutions

The project is funded by the UK FCDO as part of its Cyber Security and Tech Conflict, Stability and Security (CSSF) programme and will include expert speakers from partnering organisations which includes:

  • Attorney General Alliance – Africa (AGA Africa)
  • Africa Union
  • National Cyber Security Competence Centre, Cyber 40 Italy.
  • Judiciary Training Institute, Kenya
  • Council of Europe
  • Protection Group International
  • British High Commission Ghana
  •  Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation
  • Zyber Global