Press Conference: Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2023

January 18
10:00 am
 – 10:30 am

Geopolitical developments and the implementation of emerging technologies have re-shaped the cyber-threat and increased organized cyber-attackers’ potential for harm. This is exacerbating our interconnected energy, economic and geopolitical crises.

The Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2023 examines the cybersecurity trends that will impact our economies and societies in 2023. The report includes the results of new research on how leaders are responding to cyber threats now and provides recommendations on what leaders can do to secure their organisations in the year to come.

Public Speakers


Jeremy Jurgens

Managing Director, World Economic Forum Geneva

Nikesh Arora

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Palo Alto Networks

Julie Sweet

Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Accenture

Jürgen Stock

Secretary-General, International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL)

Edi Rama

Prime Minister of Albania, Office of the Prime Minister of Albania