Postal Regulation and E-Commerce

UPU Postal Regulation and E-Commerce
November 9
2:00 pm
 – 6:00 pm


Opening remarks by Mr Masahiko Metoki, UPU Director General (14.00–14.10)

Theme 1 – Reinventing the postal sector in the age of global e-commerce (14.10–15.50)

Panel 1 will explore the e-commerce delivery trends and developments that are affecting the postal sector, such as the emerging B2B2C and direct injection models that circumvent the UPU global postal network. The panel will also consider the practicalities relating to the implementation of these models, including the associ­ated costs, item returns, customs clearance and electronic advance data. Furthermore, it will address the implications of these trends and developments for domestic universal postal services.

The aims of the discussion are to examine market developments, explore how the postal sector must adapt to address the challenges stemming from these developments, and identify any possible policy gaps to be filled.

Moderator: Dr Rajeev Venugopal, representing Canada as Co-Chair of UPU Council of Administration Committee 2


  • Mr Chris Stevens, CEO and founder, Certis24
  • Mr Brian Mwansa, Head of Postal Regulation, Communications Regulators’ Association of Southern Africa (CRASA)

Panel changeover (5 minutes)

Theme 2 – Beyond the universal postal service: buyer and seller protection and consumer expectations con­cerning sustainability in the e-commerce delivery market (15.55–17.30)

Panel 2 will focus on the sustainable functioning of the e-commerce market. In order for a market to thrive, the participants’ negotiating power should be balanced, and buyers and sellers properly protected. The panel will address issues related to the protection of both buyers and sellers in the e-commerce market, particularly in the context of free shipping and returns. Moreover, there is growing consumer demand for environmentally sustainable products and services. To ensure the market’s sustainability, participants in the e-commerce sec­tor must respond to these evolving consumer expectations. The panel will thus explore consumer demands regarding sustainability and the options available to consumers today.

The aims of the discussion are to identify potential ways in which the postal sector can address these issues, and to assess the implications for regulatory authorities and designated operators of contributing to the sus­tainability of the e-commerce market.

Moderator: Ms Nermin Hassan, representing Egypt as Co-Chair of UPU Council of Administration Committee 2


  • Ms Elizabeth Gachuiri, Economic Affairs Officer, Competition and Consumer Policies Branch, Division of International Goods and Services, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
  • Mr Francklin Furtado, Coordinator of Postal Services, Ministry of Communications (Brazil)

Main conclusions and takeaways (17.30–17.50)

The moderators will bring the conference to a close with a summary of the main conclusions and takeaways. Each moderator will have five minutes for their comments.

Closing remarks by Mr Marjan Osvald, UPU Deputy Director General (17.50–18.00)