Measuring Digital Inclusion in the Caribbean

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December 16
Trinidad and Tobago

The overall objective of the seminar is to provide a space for discussion among technical and policy experts on ways to further digital inclusion efforts at the national and regional levels. It is intended as an introductory level seminar, to allow participants to gain a common understanding of digital inclusion.

The Caribbean is often characterized as a “data poor” region, and the circumstances of Caribbean countries are rarely prioritized in the development of measurement frameworks. Because digital inclusion is a relatively new focus, there is currently no agreed framework at the global or regional level designed to measure digital inclusion. As such, there is an opportunity for Caribbean countries to identify their needs related to digital inclusion and to develop frameworks tailored to the subregion.

At the end of the seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the interlinkages between digital inclusion and sustainable development;
  • Identify several measurement frameworks related to digital inclusion;
  • Discuss various approaches to the measurement of digital inclusion; and,
  • Consider ways in which a measurement framework would need to be adapted to their country’s unique circumstances.