ITU Regional Forum for Europe on Digital Skills Development

March 16 

The ITU Regional Forum for Europe on Digital Skills Development will be​ held within the framework of the ITU Regional Initiative for Europe on “Accessibility, affordability and skills development for all to ensure digital inclusion and sustainable development”. This one day event will be held on 16 March 2021 and is organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

As the transformative role of digital technologies becomes mainstream in an increasing number of sectors, its advancements have resulted in an important change in the capacities and skills of the workforce required today. The current pandemic has played a key role in accelerating the need for prioritizing digital policy, which is no longer a concern to be deferred to the future.

In this context, the Forum will provide a platform for all stakeholders to actively exchange their approaches related to fostering digital skills development, with the objective to strengthen regional and national mechanisms. It will also offer an opportunity to the countries participating to present progress made so far and exchange their national practices. The forum will be an opportunity to reach out to other stakeholders and inspire them to undertake concrete actions on fostering digital skills development.

The forum is addressed to representatives of ministries, regulators, digital skills development entities, telecom operators, academia, R&D institutes and other interested stakeholders of the ITU Member States, Sector Members and Associates from Europe.