Internet Way of Networking (IWN) – Protecting what makes the Internet work for everyone


What is the Internet Way of Networking (IWN) course?


This course is an introduction to the Critical Properties of the Internet Way of Networking. It will help learners understand the foundation that underpins the health and success of the Internet, and how to protect it to ensure the Internet can evolve to reach its full potential.

What are the course objectives?


  • Learn what key technologies and actions helped spark the Internet.
  • Learn what the Internet Way of Networking is and the five critical properties that make up the foundation that underpins the Internet.
  • Learn how to identify threats to the Internet Way of Networking, with examples from existing use cases.
  • Learn how conducting an Internet impact assessment can help prevent policies, technologies and trends from harming the Internet.
  • Learn about the Internet Impact Assessment Toolkit, and how it can help users protect the foundation that keeps the Internet working for everyone.

You should attend this course if:


This course does not have prerequisites; it is recommended (but not required) for Network Operations.

You should attend this course if:

  • You are a policymaker, technologist, or advocate working on issues related to Internet regulation.
  • You have a base understanding of how the Internet works, and would like to learn about the critical foundation that keeps it working for everyone.
  • You want to build awareness of the importance of protecting the critical foundation of the Internet.
  • You want to be able to advocate to prevent a policy, technology, or trend from harming the Internet’s foundation.
  • You want to know the basic considerations to include in an Internet impact assessment.

Registration period

28 August – 19 September 2021

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