Human Centric Approach to Digital Transformation

March 11
10:00 am
 – 10:45 am

In the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals, the persistent digital divide remains a significant challenge, hindering progress and impacting 2.6 billion lives globally. As societies and economies increasingly embrace digitalization, it is crucial to place humans at the heart of all aspects of digital development, including design processes and measures. In this context, a special session is proposed to address human-centric digital transformation with the aim of enhancing understanding of human by design digital features. Some discussion points may include ensuring accessibility, inclusiveness, protecting privacy and fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

Ongoing digitalization of public services across the UNECE region, such as: digitalization of government services; digitalization of education services; and digitalization of health services, provide a great opportunity to share experiences of diverse stakeholders very often confronted with a similar set of challanges and opportunities derived from the human-centric approach.

This session will provide an opportunity for presenting the outcomes of several initiatives in this field carried out by diverse UN agencies and stakeholders. This will include the outcomes of the ITU initiative implemented in 2023, in cooperation with Poland and Czech Republic, i.e. Human-Centric Digital Transformation Compendium. In order to make the session more interactive, a series of concrete examples of human-centric digital transformation projects in Europe within government services, education and health, pinpointing challenges, opportunities, and emerging trends in the field will be presented and discussed, facilitating engagement with the audience to explore the topics further.

Insights and recommendations on good practices, will aim to inform future digital development strategies both within the UNECE region and globally, and help advance the various SDGs, particularly related to SDGs 1 (No Poverty), 2 (Zero Hunger), 13 (Climate Action), 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions) & 17 (Partnerships for the Goals).