How to Sell Online in Tuvalu


In today’s digital age, taking your business online is more than a convenience—it is a necessity. This comprehensive online course is designed specifically for micro, small, and medium enterprises in Tuvalu, guiding you through the essential steps of launching and managing your online general merchandise store. Whether you are new to digital sales or looking to enhance your existing online presence, this course offers practical, easy-to-understand guidance that respects the linguistic and cultural context of Tuvalu.


  • Why Move Online? Why Now?: Understand the timely benefits of E-commerce and how it can expand your market reach and increase sales.
  • Different Options to Go Online: Explore various platforms and technologies that can host your online store, tailored to fit different business sizes and needs.
  • Cost Considerations: Learn about the initial and ongoing costs involved in setting up and maintaining an online business.
  • Getting Noticed Online: Discover strategies to attract customers to your online store through search engine optimization, social media marketing, and other digital tools.
  • Getting Paid Online: Navigate the options for online payment solutions that are accessible and secure for both you and your customers.
  • E-commerce Logistics: Dive into the logistics of online selling, from order fulfillment to shipping and handling.
  • Complying with Laws & Regulations: Ensure your online business operates within the legal frameworks relevant to Tuvalu and international E-commerce.
  • Further Information: Gain access to additional resources that can help you continue learning and growing your online business.

This course is not just about going online—it’s about thriving online. Enroll today to start transforming your business and tapping into the vast potential of the digital marketplace!