Her CyberTracks | Cybersecurity capacita building for women policymakers and cyberdiplomats

ITU Her CyberTracks
May 10
 – May 29

The Her CyberTracks Project aims to promote the equal, full, and meaningful representation of women in cybersecurity for a more resilient cyberspace for all. The initiative builds on ITU’s ongoing efforts to bridge the gender digital divide and integrates the established Women in Cyber Mentorship Programme.

Funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and implemented by the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and ITU-D, Her CyberTracks offers targeted cyber capacity building activities for women involved in national and international cybersecurity policy processes and negotiations, in an effort to amend the inequalities women in cybersecurity encounter by offering a comprehensive curriculum programme that aims to enable our cybersecurity women leaders of tomorrow.


The objective of the Project is to promote the representation and participation of women seeking to improve their contribution to national and international cybersecurity policy processes.

The Her CyberTracks Project is a three-part initiative incorporating online and on-site technical trainings in cybersecurity policy and diplomacy, soft skills trainings, guided monthly mentorship circles, inspirational keynotes, as well as regional networking events – all made available as a complementary and one-stop holistic curriculum under the Policy & Diplomacy Track.

  • BUILD:Develop women’s capacity to contribute to a secure and resilient cyberspace. Provide expert training courses from leaders in the field and equip women with technical and soft skills needed to be active actors in shaping national and international cybersecurity policies and regulations.
  • INSPIRE:Positive role models of women in cybersecurity inspire and empower women further to actively participate and lead in the field. Conduct inspirational keynote webinars and networking meetings to inspire and shift the perception of women not as a special needs group, but as valuable additions to the cybersecurity workforce.
  • EMPOWER: Promote awareness and knowledge sharing of best practices in cybersecurity career development. Provide a platform where women in senior positions can mentor and foster the professional and personal growth of women policymakers and/or diplomats at junior levels.


  • Who should attend:
    This first rollout of the Her CyberTracks Initiative is being offered specifically to women residing in targeted countries in Africa and Europe regions. With an approach concentrating on regional participation, the programme aims to provide women with support in their local cybersecurity communities. A limited number of sponsorships are available per region to support participants in their travels to on-site formats (e.g. face-to-face trainings and networking meetings) in their respective region.
  • Targeted countries from the Europe region: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine.
  • Targeted countries from the Africa region: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cabo Verde, Cote d’Ivoire, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Togo.


  • To be eligible to participate in the Her CyberTracks initiative, interested women must fulfil the following requirements:
  • Participants must have a minimum 2-3 years junior level experience in the fields of policymaking, diplomacy, preferably in the fields of technology, ICTs and/or cybersecurity.
  • Mentors must have proven extensive experience in the cybersecurity public policy field, preferably in senior and managerial positions in the public, private, academic and civil society sectors.
  • The programme will be held in English. Participants must have a good working knowledge of English.
  • Willingness and ability to allocate circa 8 to 10 hours per month for the duration of the programme.
  • A computer and stable internet connection.
  • There are no age restrictions.


  • Project seats are limited and not guaranteed.
  • Travel expenses are covered for hands-on face-to-face trainings through a limited number of sponsorships for particiants from the targeted countries
  • The delivery of the webinars, online trainings and mentorship circles will be via Zoom.
  • The webinars are open to participants regardless of their commitment to the mentorship circles.
  • Selected applicants will be contacted by email starting at the end of May 2023.
  • Upon completion of the Project, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.