E-Commerce and Customs valuation – Challenges and Reforms in an era of persistent change

WCO Second Symposium on E-Commerce and Customs valuation
October 23
12:00 pm
WCO Headquarters, Brussels

On 23 October, Customs administrations, international organizations and private sector enterprises will come together to discuss the profound challenges facing E-Commerce in respect to Customs valuation and to look at the current reforms and progress achieved. This will mark the second symposium on E-Commerce and Customs valuation, following an event on the same topic earlier in the year that saw substantial attendance.

At the inaugural symposium, while E-Commerce was praised for bringing, quite literally, the world of trade to consumers’ doorsteps, it was also acknowledged that it presented a number of hurdles from the perspective of determining the Customs value of goods. One aspect that was highlighted was the sheer volume of small parcel activity generated by E-Commerce, with the accompanying challenges for processing such numbers of consignments. Another aspect centred on the proliferation of business models, many of which were not widely practiced at the time of conceiving the WTO Customs Valuation Agreement in the 1990s, giving rise to more complications in determining Customs value of goods according to the rules stipulated in the Agreement.

These matters, together with the dynamic environment of E-Commerce, called for this second symposium on the topic, in order to further explore the issues and possible solutions. Recent developments make it timely for a fresh discussion, with several regulators around the world having announced proposals to deal with the demands brought about by the fast-paced changing nature of how we trade since the last symposium.

The objective of the symposium is for delegates to gain an insight into these solutions and have the opportunity to examine the details.

ATTENDEES: The symposium is open to the public with a view to encourage active engagement of Customs administrations, IGOs, the private sector, as well as academia on this topic.

REGISTRATION: On a first-come-first served basis. Attendees may choose to attend in-person at the WCO Headquarters in Brussels or online when registering.

For additional information, please contact [email protected].