Direct and digital marketing


Course version: Version n°1
Number of modules: 10
Duration of the course: 40 hours

General Aims:

  • To enhance participants’ knowledge with the necessary understanding of direct mail and direct marketing dynamics and tools.
  • For participants to learn how to promote value-added direct marketing postal products and services.
  • For participants to be educated on the benefits of direct and digital marketing through partnerships between posts and the industry.
  • For participants to acquire new techniques for developing and promoting direct marketing campaigns.

Target population:

Junior Executives; Marketing Managers; Specialists in the field of Direct Marketing or Direct Mail activities from Developing Countries (DC) and Least Developed Countries (LDC).


  • Participants should ideally be engaged in the field of Direct Marketing or at least be aspiring to do so.
  • Important: This course contains video contents that require audio speakers or headphones.
  • TrainPost course: Yes
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